We are a team of professionals
in love with what we do

We are formats by a team composed of PhD and masters in science and finance. Our scientific council is made up of university professors.

  • Carolina Caliari, PhD
    Carolina Caliari, PhD Fundadora e CEO
  • Adriana Manfiolli, PhD
    Adriana Manfiolli, PhD CTO
  • Pedro Massaguer, PhD
    Pedro Massaguer, PhD COO
  • Juliana Magro, Msc
    Juliana Magro, Msc Pesquisadora


  • Profª. Dra. Kamilla Swiesch
    Profª. Dra. Kamilla Swiesch
  • Profª. Dra. Maria Helena Santana
    Profª. Dra. Maria Helena Santana

Our core values

In Situ is a technology-based healthcare startup that uses a 3D bioprinting technique to produce biocuratives that contain human cells.

Our main goal is that these biocuratives will in future be used to treat approximately 5 million Brazilians who suffer from chronic wounds and severe skin burns. However, by working with innovative and disruptive health technologies, we have some extra challenges.


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